About Us

The Stunt People are the premiere independent stunt team based out of California. Our services include parkour, fight scenes, and stunt falls. We work on any sized project, from small-scale short films and music videos to high-budget feature films and television shows.  Contact Eric Jacobus at stuntpeople@gmail.com for rates.

rope and dope stunt team

7 responses to “About”

  1. tuhawar arif says :

    Hi! Great to see excellent, no wires, no CGI, kick-ass action in your collection of vids showing how magnificent the human body is and what it is capable of! One reason why I’ve always loved martial arts!!!!!! Say no to wire-fu!

  2. doccypher74 says :

    It’s Amazing and some of the best Martial-Arts Fights that I’ve seen the last Years! And a big Thank You for doing such a grat Job for the Fans!

  3. Akee Gaines says :

    How old do I have to be if I want to try-out?

  4. Jake Haehnel says :


    I’m not sure if this is the proper place to post my question. Hopefully it will reach the right person. Please email me when it has! I am producing a short narrative this summer. There is one large stunt in which both main characters fall a solid 13 feet onto hard concrete flooring. I do not have the budget to fly in a stunt coordinator. We’re shooting in the middle of nowhere in Vermont. I have been doing some research on crash pads and matts, but haven’t had much luck. What should I be looking for, what is the safest way to go about the stunt, what is the appropriate gear?


    • Eric Jacobus says :

      For a stunt like that I recommend something like this: http://www.norberts.net/index.php?main_page=index&cPath=16_19_59_62 Since you’re having 2 guys do the fall, you’ll need two. The mat is big enough for one person, and you don’t want the people falling on top of each other, especially not from 13 feet up. Lay some smaller mats on the sides. Also put some standard elbows and knees and maybe a gator back if you can hide it, just in case your actors fall off the mat, or God forbid they miss it. Call your local gymnastics schools and I’m sure you can rent one from them. You’ll need a Uhaul to get the thing to set as well.

      And I have to throw this in there: your actors need to know how to fall. Jumping 13 feet down onto a mat can still cause busted ankles, torn ACLs, or any number of injuries. They need to know how to safely fall from 13 feet, because regardless of how much padding you have there’s always potential for injury.

  5. shazvankann says :

    Absolutely Wicked Mr Jacobus.. I really wish there was more creative fight groups like this where I live in London, England Uk. Makes me want to move to SF Bay, Cali and just so I can be a part of your amazing team.. Man sweeping brush in the background at least.. haha..

    I’m an Indy Actor and relatively new Action Fight Performer. Check out my webpage.. http://www.shazvankann.wix.com/shazvankann

    So far one fight scene performed and choreographed for a Grindhouse Indy feature trailer. Currently putting my own team together to work on my own projects.. So far two of us.. Wish us luck and maybe some hints and tips would be greatly appreciated.

    Constantly glued to your video channel



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