Alvin Hsing

Name: Alvin Hsing
Birth date: April 22, 1987
Location: San Francisco / Los Angeles, CA
Height: 5’9 / 175 cm
Weight: 155 lbs / 70 kg

Contact Email:
Contact Number: 408.391.6767

Martial Arts Experience: Kung fu from 1998-2001, Contemporary wushu 2001-2010, Dabbles in jiu jitsu, Greco wrestling, jeet kune do, and fire arms until present day
Skills: Intermediate acting for the stage- 1 year program, Advanced acting for the camera- 2 year program

How I became part of SP: Scouring the landscape of Craigslist for acting and martial arts gigs I stumbled on an audition in the city. I received an email telling me to meet in front of SF State. When I auditioned for Hiroshi Adachi, he seemed pleased. Soon there after I performed a couple stunts on Detective Story, where I met Eric Jacobus. And the rest is history, ladies and gentlemen.

View Eric's IMDB Page View Alvin’s filmography on IMDB – View Alvin’s demo reel on YouTube

4 responses to “Alvin Hsing”

  1. Robert Jacobus says :

    Great portrayal of such an evil character in Death Grip. I hope that you and Eric can again work together. Excellent job!

    Eric’s dad

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