Eric Jacobus


Dennis Ruel

Demo Reel

Edward Kahana Jr.

Clayton Barber

Chelsea Steffensen


Alvin Hsing

Demo Reel

Shaun Finney

Demo Reel

Yun Lujhei Yang

Rebecca Ahn

Demo Reel

Lucas Okuma

J.J. Perry

(Honorary Member)
Demo Reel

Thomas Tan

Ray Carbonel

Troy Carbonel

Bridger Fox

Pete Lee

Gavin Merrick

Nathan Hoskins

J.J. Johnson
Click here for a list of past members

3 responses to “Bios”

  1. R. Marcus Taylor says :

    Hi Eric, its Marcus Kickyou inthehead taylor. How do i become a member of I luv performing. I did lose 100 lbs. But weighing 275 i got a little faster. If i hav to audition i will.

    R. Marcus Taylor

  2. Agustín says :

    Here Agustín, your number one fan from Spain. First of all congratulations to you all for your awesome work. If you ever need an spaniard who speaks good english but with a heavy spanish accent just let me know : ).

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