Death Grip Official Trailer Released – Action by The Stunt People – Watch Now!

Check out the latest Stunt People action film, Death Grip. There’s lots of action in this one. Like Contour, Death Grip has a massive finale that lasts fifteen minutes, but we’ve really gone the distance with making the action new and fresh without succumbing to the shaky-camera, frantic editing that you see in Hollywood productions.

Death Grip stars Eric Jacobus, Johnny Yong Bosch, Nathan Hoskins, and Rebecca Ahn.

The Stunt People Welcome Alvin Hsing

Alvin’s performance has been pivotal on recent Stunt People projects Ness and Rise And Fail. Please take a moment to check out his reel on his bio page!

The Stunt People Forum returns and is finally open to new users

Sorry for the delay everyone, but we suffered a series of hacks and an infinite spam infiltration of our board. So we had to cancel new membership requests, switch servers, transfer everything, and now the board is back! Everything looks and works exactly the same, your username and passes are the same, and new users can join again. So come back and start posting again, we always need more material for the Indie Action Weekly Round-ups!

Special thanks to Dario Susman for all the hard work in getting the forum up and running.

Media Section now online

Latest videos added to our Media page. Also be sure to check out our YouTube Channel where you can watch more videos and subscribe!

New site is now online

After using a shared server for over a decade, we’ve decided to move The Stunt People Web to a WordPress server. The Forum and Wiki will be back up shortly. Stay tuned!