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Play as a Ninja in this Interactive Fight Scene

To play: enable annotations, and choose your move to help the Ninja defeat The Last Samurai from East L.A.!

(Some might remember this from a certain DVD)

Ninja: Eric Jacobus
Samurai: Edwin Villa
Directed by Jeff Centauri

Death Grip DVDs and Blu Rays Now On Sale at the Stunt People Store

Death Grip DVDs, Blu Rays, and T-Shirts are now for sale at The Stunt People Store.

Death Grip Blu-Ray – $20.00 (disc has more special features than advertised, info here)

Death Grip DVD – $15.00 (disc has more special features than advertised, info here)

Death Grip “Knife” Shirt – $15.00

As a bonus, we’ve re-printed the “Our Pain Is Your Pleasure” shirt. Get yours quick before they sell out!

Stunt People “Our Pain Is Your Pleasure” T-Shirt – $15.00

CA sales tax and shipping will be charged during checkout. Happy shopping!

Edward Kahana of The Stunt People releases his action-packed trailer to his action-adventure, Relic Hunt.

Eric Jacobus

Relic Hunt

Edward Kahana, Alvin Hsing, Bryan Cartago and Lucas Okuma of The Stunt People have released a trailer to their latest action-adventure flick.

Treasure hunter Trey Arcqeo is tasked by the Oxford Museum to recover the ancient Plates of Siddhartha and finds himself in the remote hills of an abandoned mining community. However, he is not alone.

The full short will be released soon.

Bryan Cartago
Alvin Hsing
Edward Kahana
Lucas Okuma

Tasi Alabastro
Alexis Greene
Ryan Wood

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New site is now online

After using a shared server for over a decade, we’ve decided to move The Stunt People Web to a WordPress server. The Forum and Wiki will be back up shortly. Stay tuned!