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Death Grip Secures US Distribution with Osiris – New Trailer

Our 2011 feature film Death Grip has been offered a US distribution deal with Osiris Entertainment. They even cut us a new trailer and made some new cover art. Expect to see it in the wild by Q2 of 2014!


Death Grip Official Trailer Released – Action by The Stunt People – Watch Now!

Check out the latest Stunt People action film, Death Grip. There’s lots of action in this one. Like Contour, Death Grip has a massive finale that lasts fifteen minutes, but we’ve really gone the distance with making the action new and fresh without succumbing to the shaky-camera, frantic editing that you see in Hollywood productions.

Death Grip stars Eric Jacobus, Johnny Yong Bosch, Nathan Hoskins, and Rebecca Ahn.

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