Dave Yoo

Name: Dave Yoo
Birth date: August 23, 1985
Location: San Francisco, CA
Height: 5’6 / 167
Weight: 139 lbs / 63 kg

Contact Email: rockingyoo@gmail.com
Contact Number: 415-748-0165

Martial Arts Experience: Tae Kwon Do for 4 years, Wrestling, Misc. Training, Wushu 2006~2009 and what ever the stuntpeople want to teach me.
Skills: Grappling, Takedowns, Submissions

How I became part of SP: I first met Ed Kahana Jr. back in 2006 when I was living in L.A. He told me about thestuntpeople and I thought I check it out. He invited me to train with them when they were shooting a short film in SF State. I flew up to SF to visit and Ed introduced me to Eric at one of his parties; and at the same time I met most of the SP crew. I really didn’t hang out with them until I moved to SF in 2008. From then on, did some fights and training.

 View Dave’s filmography on IMDB

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