Hiroshi Adachi

Name: Hiroshi Adachi
Height: 5’6 / 168 cm

Martial Arts Experience: Karate 4th Degree black belt (Gasho-ryu) since 1996. (Tokyo) Tai-chi 3 years, White-Crane, Hung-Ga (little bit)
Martial Art Specialty: Karate taught by Takashi Arai, Gasho-ryu martial-arts association, Tokyo.
Skills: Genuine traditional Karate, Weapons (Iaido, Jodo, Bo, whatever which is around me), Seitai (Japanese traditional massage therapy) certified by Gasho-ryu martial arts association. Teaching martial arts.

How I became part of SP: How I became part of SP: Making action films has been my dream and I was looking for a stunt team after I came to SF to learn filmmaking. Then I found SP’s web-site and sent an e-mail to Eric. The members were incredibly friendly, nice and hard working guys , so I started training with them.

 View Hiroshi’s filmography on IMDB

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