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Knife Fight from Death Grip
With Eric Jacobus and Alvin Hsing

Paper Pushers
Guy walks into an office for a job interview, but he’s got a surprise ahead of him.
With Edward Kahana Jr. and Eric Jacobus

Death Grip Trailer
With Eric Jacobus, Johnny Yong Bosch, Nathan Hoskins, Rebecca Ahn, and Chelsea Steffensen

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Hand Over Fist
Hiroshi Adachi and Eric Jacobus go head to head in this Wheels on Meals-inspired fight scene from The Stunt People.
With Eric Jacobus and Hiroshi Adachi

With Ed Kahana, Eric Jacobus, and Andy Leung

The Tech
“The Tech” follows four deadbeats as they attempt to recover a magical orb.
With Chelsea Steffensen, Nathan Hoskins, Nathaniel Pierson, Gavin Merrick, Jeremiah Esses, and Eric Jacobus

With Eric Jacobus and featuring Andy Long

Kiai Master Okuma
I found this looking through an old VHS collection. In it, this guy Grandmaster Okuma throws people without even touching them. Crazy. Maybe my mom recorded it off TV.
With Kiai Master Okuma and his students

With Eric Jacobus, Shaun Finney, and Flitz
The second sort of offshoot of the Stunt People film “Contour,” the short film “Tour,” takes place among one of the many adventures of the San Francisco tour guide, Law (Eric Jacobus). Law picks up a couple of tourist, Flitz (Amra RIcketts), and Dude (James Gilstrap), looking to see the San Francisco sites. Sadly for law, the tourist are actually looking for a tour around the city, and not the narcotics that usually come along with the “tour” Law offers. Amidst the misunderstanding Law’s tour competition Carter (Shaun Finney), shows up, to snuff out law. The two tourist get caught in the middle and chaos ensues.

Chapter 12: After the Subway
By Stu Maschwitz: What happens *after* all the furtive subway hopping and phone dialing?
With Eric Jacobus, Shaun Finney, Dennis Ruel, Ray Carbonel, and Edward Kahana Jr.

Shapely Heroes
To trap its victim, the snake engages the tiger in a battle of blatant shapes in the wilderness.
With Edward Kahana Jr. and Eric Jacobus

Time Warp – Stuntmen
Eric Jacobus and Ray Carbonel are featured on Discovery Channel’s Time Warp – Stuntmen Episode

“Detour” is a sort of offshoot of “Contour” where Law (Eric Jacobus) goes to rent an apartment and strikes a deal with the landlord (Shaun Finney) where he’ll get a discount on his deposit if he takes care of a squatter (Chelsea Steffensen) outside.
Eric Jacobus, Shaun Finney, Chelsea Steffensen, and Peter Lee

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