Pete Lee

Name: Pete Lee
Birth date: December 9, 1981
Location: San Francisco, CA
Height: 5’10 / 178 cm
Weight: 190 lbs / 86 kg

Contact Email:

Martial Arts Experience: TKD – 2 years, Southern Shaolin – 1 year, Long Fist – 1 year
Martial Art Specialty: Comprehensive knowledge of martial arts from China and South East Asia, knowledge includes history, culture, traditions and art and literature stemming from the arts.
Skills: Chinese (Mandarin, Cantonese, and Taiwanese), fight choreography, cinematography, editing, still photography and printing, musical instruments (guitar, piano, drums, bass, viola, and violin), improv comedy, stage, TV, and film acting (the Meisner method), live concerts photography and cinematography, stage combat.

How I became part of SP: Eric and I became friends through his website in early 2000. I think I was the first person to see his first fight. We both wanted to make movies, and both took different approaches. I worked for him through Contour, even though I was on the East Coast for all but four weeks during its arduous production. I would try to figure out and shape the film with him. In 2006 we went on a roadtrip up and down the East Coast, and that was when we cooked up a few future projects. I didn’t know if those projects would ever go into production, but the process of writing with him was too fruitful and challenging for it to be a single event. I moved out to the West Coast in late 2006 to work more closely with Eric and the rest of the Stunt People.

 View Pete’s filmography on IMDB

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