Ray Carbonel

Name: Ray Carbonel
Birth date: June 28, 1976
Location: San Francisco, CA
Height: 5’10 / 178 cm
Weight: 180 lbs / 82 kg

Contact Email: maugli@aol.com
Contact Number: 415.640.8622

Martial Arts Experience: Hapkido since 1993, Escrima Serrada 2 years
Martial Art Specialty: Hapkido, IHF Hapkido style of Myung Jae Nam, studied under Jino Kang.
Skills: Fight choreography, stunt coordination, falls, motorcycle, slight of hand.

How I became part of SP: I was a fan of the website for years. Dennis and I did our own movies and when we heard that Eric was going to school in San Francisco Dennis e-mailed him to take a look at our stuff. He really liked what we had and invited our crew to train with them and the rest is history.

 View Ray’s filmography on IMDB

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