Shaun Finney

Name: Shaun Finney
Birth date: August 12th, 1986
Location: San Francisco, CA
Height: 5’9 / 176 cm
Weight: 153 lbs / 69.5kg

Contact Email:

Martial Arts Experience: 2yrs Taekwondo, 1yr Shotokan Karate, 1yr Judo, Hapkido since 2007
Martial Art Specialty: Taekwondo.
Skills: Falls, choreography/action design, camera, editing, digital painting, illustration, visual effects.

How I became part of SP: I started watching SP movies in early 2005 and got involved in the web community. When I found out they conduct their operations relatively close to me, I asked if I could come get involved and here we are.

 View Shaun’s filmography on IMDB

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